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Indoor Go Karting at Raceworld in Devon

Indoor Go Karting at Raceworld in Devon

Here at Raceworld we have a 280 metre fully-boarded go karting track, providing a challenging and fun competition between you and your friends, or any group you care to join if you come alone. Experts and beginners alike will find our go karts both easy to drive and with excellent performance and handling.

Our state of the art timing system means we can get your times down to thousands of a second, work out lap starting grid positions, track racing times and give you a printout at the end of your session, for you to take home as a reminder of your group event.

We have organised events such as the go karting Grand Prix and Endurance events. The top three winners get trophies on a podium finish and the winner also gets a bottle of bubbly as a prize, all competitors get to participate in the professionally organised competition, with a final for the best 8 drivers.

The Endurance event is a team-event, with trophies awarded to the winning three teams and the top team getting the bubbly. So contact Raceworld today to enquire about what events we have available, or just to ask about available booking spaces for an afternoon of serious fun.