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Hot Laps
Best lap of the month

Raceworld Hot Laps Championship

Starting on the 01st January through to the 30th June 2019 Raceworld is running a monthly HOTLAPS Championship which is open to all customers and instructors at Raceworld.

Every time you race your best lap time will be automatically entered into the championship.

  • At the end of each month the top 50 drivers will receive points.
  • Points will be accrued each month and at the end of the 6th month (June 2018) the top 50 total point scorers will be invited to one of 5 semi-final races.
  • Each semi-final race will be professionally filmed and used as promotional material by Raceworld.
  • The top 2 places in each semi-final will be invited to the Grand Final where the top 3 drivers will receive bespoke trophies and a 12 months DRIVERS CLUB membership. 


HOTLAP Championship Rules - Customer 

  • Only one Racer Name per customer can qualify for Hotlap Championship.
  • If a customer has more than one Racer Name only the first Racer Name entered will qualify.
  • Reverse track lap times do not count towards the Hotlap Championship.
  • Team Endurance races do not count towards the Hotlap Championship.
  • There is no limit how many times a customer can register a time during a month.

HOTLAP Championship Rules - Instructor

  • Instructors have just one 15-minute session to set their HOTLAP Championship time.
  • Instructors HOTLAP profile can only be used once per month
  • All Instructors time will be set at beginning of the month at the managements discretion.
  • The designated kart instructors will use will be chosen from the slowest average time posted from last 2 weeks of the previous month. Management will also consider other criteria including total laps completed and fastest and slowest time.
  • All instructors will use same kart to set their HOTLAP Championship time
  • The kart the instructors use must have full fuel tank
  • Instructor HOTLAP profile will be public

You can check where you are ranked this month by clicking here or by using the following button

Live timing button links to Raceworld live timing

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