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Driving For The Best Times


The Perfect Lap

'When you cross the start finish line keep over to the far left of the track hugging the boards. Keep your foot planted on the accelerator. The next two corners are tricky. As you approach this corner, take your foot off the accelerator and slow slightly. Then back on the power hugging the inside. As you approach the end of the corner, brake and drift out so you can go around the yellow spot (Racing Line Indicator). As you turn in you need to set yourself up for the next corner. Again look for the next yellow spot and turn around this. Accelerate hard up to the next left hander (This is a SLOW and TIGHT corner) position yourself on the right hand side of the track. As you approach the corner, brake in a straight line and turn in hard around the yellow spot and back out to the boards. Keep the same lock on the steering wheel and this will bring you out to the left hand side of the track ready to go around the next tight right hander. As you exit this corner hard on the power and keep left as you approach the bridge you wat to move across to the right hand side and then brake at the bottom of the bridge. Now turn in and hug the inside boards before drifting out to the right hand side of the track under the bridge. Now back over to the left of the track and back across the line.'


  • 200cc Single Engine Rimo Karts
  • Brand New May 2013
  • Kelgate Disc Brake System


  • Records lap times down to 1000th of a second
  • Records fastest laps
  • Works out grid positions from qualifying races

What Else Do I Need To Know?

All drivers are advised to wear comfortable clothing and trainer type shoes. Open-toe shoes and high heels will result in customers being refused entry to the circuit.

Scarves and neck-wear must be removed before driving. You are more than welcome to wear your own helmet, provided it is full face and has a visor.

As from 01st February 2015 all customers using our helmets are asked to provide personal head coverings for hygiene reasons. Balaclavas are available at reception for only £2 and are yours to keep and bring with you next time.